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Welcome to departists, a place for depressed artists (or anybody who suffers from some kind of depression...) to come and post photography, poetry, stories, drawings, music (preferably something written by them), anything that creatively expresses the feelings we get inside when it hits us, and anything that reflects the hope we feel as a glimmer of light shimmers throughout an otherwise black existance. Whatever your heart desires.

Rules (yes, we need them):

x. The goal of this community is to express uncensored emotions. However, if somebody decides to troll, that person will be banned, and any troll posts / comments made will be deleted.
x. The goal here is not to create beautiful masterpieces. The goal is expression through art. Don't be afraid to join if you believe your work sucks, because it won't matter in this place.
x. Use this community. It's yours for your expression on topics that may be touchy. If anything may be offensive to anyone, an lj-cut is encouraged (<*lj-cut*> minus the asterisks) along with a warning of some kind as to what the content involves.

Moderated by squishybananas. Any questions? E-mail / IM her.