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I wrote something today

I'm slowly regaining my feelings...and regaining my faith.

I think that the Zoloft made me numb. I stopped taking it a few weeks ago.

Sorry if you read twice I posted in my journal as well.

I'm not trying to push my faith on anyone-just sharing it.

Just Write

I'm so tired Lord
Yet I still trust You
I'm so lonely Lord
I don't know what to do

I know in my heart
That I must still believe
Have faith and sheer trust
Then all will be revealed

I pray on my knees
Sometimes postulate on my face
I pray as I walk
Even though I feel disgrace

I think that I hear You
Sometimes I've been deceived
How do I know
It's your will I receive?

The Lord said,
It is a gift that I gave."
The Lord said
Why let your gift
simply fade away?
No matter your troubles
Don't let them overcome you
You have the gift of empathy
To your heart you remain true

You feel like you're useless
Yet I make NO mistakes
One must go through some sadness
But never so much that you'll break...

I know that you're weary!
Just remember to trust
No that isn't easy
Please just try to adjust...

Your style it is simple
Others feel what you say
You've been through a lot
But don't worry-one day

You will see what I've planned for you
I know you doubt in My sight
But all that I ask for you now
Just have faith-and just write."

Lyricaltone 12/8/03
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