Lyrical (new_birth) wrote in departists,

An Exerpt From My Novel "Boom"-A Work In Progress

I hope you like it-or at least don't hate it.

The Chief smiled to himself knowingly. Shayne was just like a son to him. He was so proud of him when he had made detective. Especially after seeing the hurt he had gone through with his divorce-Julia had really broken his heart. The Chief had been afraid that Shayne would never put his heart out there again-so even if this Sanders woman had a little baggage, the Chief also realized that there must be something very special about her because she placed a spark of life in a man that had merely been going through the motions of it all for way too long.

"Well son, these things have a way of working themselves out. Try not to stress about it too much. Did you say that Alex Sanders is her ex-husband?"

"Yes. I suppose I can see why she would be freaked out-they have children together, you know."

"Exactly. Just like you would feel horrible if something happened to Julia. Regardless of what happens in a failed marriage, when children are involved, there is always a bond. Wait a minute! I don't believe anyone has formally spoken to Mr. Sanders yet. Would you like to go and get his statement? Maybe you will get a better understanding of what his ex-wife might have had to endure. Of course, if you'd rather not, I can assign someone else."

"No Chief, I am up to going. That will give me a better understanding of the man that was a part of her life for so long."

Shayne grabbed his keys and walked out the door. He jumped into his car, his heart pounding a mile a minute. He couldn't believe how he was feeling. But he had to take this opportunity to speak with Mr. Sanders.

Shayne arrived at the hospital, identified himself to the security guard, and made his way to Alex's room. Before he went in, he took a deep breath. "OK Shayne, this is just another case. Remember that and you'll be fine."

He stepped into the room. A woman with dark, long and wavy hair was leaning over him. She was tall and svelte, and reminded him of someone that he knew. Wait a minute-the woman bending over Alex looked exactly like…

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