Lyrical (new_birth) wrote in departists,

I Climb-A Poem

i climb

i climb...

up intrinsic ladders
of the skeletal kind
through hazy curved mazes
from the abyss of time
to deep hidden recesses
seared in my mind
from dank misty fog
and from nooses that bind.

i seek...

encryptions decoded
to true inner peace
mountains of raindrops
that dance from the trees
fountains of emotion
which set my soul free
rainbows and sunshine
but sorrow to cease.

i ask...

for a kind spoken word
just once in awhile
a penetrating glance
a genuine smile
encouragement, wisdom
without sense of guile
life hope eternal
and past reconciled.

i strive...

to stay on my journey
to not buckle in
forgiving myself
from remorse of sin
to realize ambitions
to search deep within
to focus on future
not what might have been.

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