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i wanna be someone who believes..

umm hi- im new here :l i guess everyone sorta is?
this is a poem i wrote a while ago. nothing is that knew. thanksxoxo

i could scream my pain, but youd never hear
i could cry all night, and youd not see a tear.
i could slash my throat, but it'd just be a start
i could cut my wrists, and bleed on your heart.
i could stain your shirt, with the darkest red
i could die three times, and you could still go to bed.
if i did all of this, i know just what youd do
you wouldnt even know, youd have no clue.
becuase your love is a poison i took in one night
and the effects of this drug, arent worth the fight.
so rip out my heart, leave me in bliss
but i bet in the wouldnt notice.
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